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Now my first real entry.

I know, I know, I don´t have to to write in english here. Nevertheless its a nice language. Feeling more warm. German is so "calculating".
They say German is a language of poets and geniuses.


It´s just so hard and cold, even algebra sounds like a mothers voice compared to the german language. Even if you use emotional words it´s like throwing with stones.
And writing in German... who ho. No.

So. The blog.

Today I sat in the clinic, Chit chat with my doctor about diabetes. Driving there took an hour - just to be told that everything´s fine. Great. Really, that´s great... uhm... but somehow disturbing. The last days were strange anyway. Thinking about normal stuff all the time. Thinking about thinking. So you never run out of ideas.

The holidays may be the cause, but I´m not really sure. I have so much free time, I even helped my old man working in the garden!

I´m missing school somehow, it´s a meeting point in a way. And I am missing the band (officially the "School´s Band Working Group" - sounds better in german, I have to admit). We played once in a week, but that was enough to entertain me. ´Same about sports. Volleyball two times a week was perfect. Scheduled. So I could orientate my week all around that stuff.

At least I have now a bit time think about song texts and shit.

Just finished reading a novel. Written by a german author. I started a Tom Clancy today, but he´s just writing about weapons.

Let´s see what entertainment the upcoming week brings.

16.7.08 01:39

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